Unistart Mini Safe – New concentrate

For the smallest suckling piglets and weaners

Unistart Mini Safe ensures a smooth transition from sow milk to dry feed. The new Unistart helps and protects the piglet through the first period, where it is vulnerable to get diarrhea and also have challenges around weaning.

Miya Gold is added in the Unistart, which is a probiotic that maintain a good intestinal health and reduces the risk of enteritis, E.coli and salmonella. Besides Miya Gold, there is also added IgHancer which contain immunoglobulins, that helps the pigs’ own immune system.

The Unistart is made to home-mixers and is made based on our compound feed, Power Pig Mini Safe, which we have good experiences with.

One of our clients in Denmark has since February 2016 fed his smallest weaned piglets with Power Pig Mini Safe. He says among other things: "It smells fantastic. So much that you almost want to eat it as breakfast," and continues, -"Many of the smallest piglets reach almost the same size as the bigger ones at the end, which means we can get them out of the stable much faster. I think we in generally have a good flow in the stables today".

Characteristics for Unistart Mini Safe:

  •  Specially suitable for weak and small piglets both before and after weaning
  •  Tasty Unistart with easy digestible and refined raw materials
  •  Contains Miya Gold, which ensures a good intestinal health
  •  Contains IgHancer, which helps and supplement the pigs own immune system
  •  Contains organic acids BioPro® Micro
  •  Contains enzymes, which ensure extra absorption of the feed
  •  Added organic micro minerals, which ensure high digestibility
  •  Contains micro encapsulated zinc

The Unistart should be mixed with grain, fishmeal and fat/oil.

If you are interested to know more about Unistart Mini Safe, you are welcome to contact your Vilomix nutritionist.