Typical mistakes in climate stables

Sufficient feed for small piglets is needed for high daily gain

When piglets are weaned very small, it is often so that they find it difficult to activate the feeder sufficiently enough so they get enough of feed. This is bad for feed consumption and growth. It is therefore for the first 14 days there should be plenty of food on the plate so they can easily get to the feed. There is little risk of feed waste at this time since the piglets are not large enough to waste too much food. Feed loses should be registered under the slots and therefore it is ok to have some feed around the plate of the feeder.

In addition it is important to provide sufficient feeding spots per box otherwise it requires even more easier access to the feed.

You can check if your pigs eat enough by checking the feed amount in your E-control. In a typ-ical well-functioning herd the piglets must eat 0.9 feed units per pig per day. If it is below this target it will have a positive effect by increasing the feed distribution in form of easier access to feed. This is done by opening up more for feed. If your machines regulators are set up in top mark it requires a renovation of the dispensers so that you can set the machines for the precise amount piglets need.

It is not unusual that the pigs will eat only 0.75 feed units per pig per day. It will typically pro-vide up to 50 grams of a daily gain and a reduction in feed consumption of about 0.1 if you change a feeding intensity to 0.9 feed units per pig per day. With today's prices (DK) it will end up in a gain of about 7,5 euro per pig produced.