Blood plasma - A way to reduce medical-zinc oxide?

It is well-known that EU has announced a significant drop in the legal consumption of medical-zinc within a 5 year period. There is no indication, that we will find a single product, which can replace medical-zinc (2500 ppm/high amount of zinc). But with better raw materials, an increased focus and new perspectives   on how to feed piglets, we might find a solution.

An important piece in the puzzle may come from blood plasma - Increased growth and lower mortality

New research from 2017 confirm positive effect by feeding with blood plasma compared to high medical-zinc oxide. Piglets at day 14, 21 and day 28 after weaning had significantly higher weight (P=<0,05). After weaning at day 48, piglets manage to keep the weight gain head start. Also daily weight gain was significantly higher, and mortality was significantly lower, while feeding blood plasma.

Improved resistance

In addition to above, blood plasma has shown to be equally effective in the fight against E.Coli infections, as medical-zinc oxide.

In this trial, E.Coli (K88) was induced on day 17, to two groups of piglets. The first group was fed blood plasma, and the other with medical-zinc oxide. The mortality was significantly lower in the plasma-group, and at the same time, showed a lower excretion of E.Coli (K88) in feces, a week after inducing E.coli.

Today blood plasma is already used in several feed solutions to piglets from 4-9 kg. It is often farms who have small piglets, or have a low daily weight gain. Blood plasma makes the transition to dry feed smoother (because of high digestibility) and gives the piglets a better start after weaning.

Vilomix’ solutions

Today we offer different solutions with blood plasma:

  • Power Pig Plasma - Compound feed were blood plasma is added into the mix.
  • Concentrates were you should add 5 % blood plasma by yourself and mix it with grain, fishmeal and fat/oil.


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December 2017