Temperature in farrowing stable

In this time of the year (winter time)  with cold weather outside, temperature in farrowing stable can be challenging. Especially in old buildings, with poor insulation.

Correct climate in the stable is very important for pigs health and well-being. Piglets has the highest demand for high temperature, where sows and slaughter pigs has the lowest. Bigger surface compared to bodyweight (piglets) means greater release of heat to e.g. the floor. Therefor it’s important to heat up the stable to correct temperature.

The right temperature

For newborn piglets it should be 32-36oC and for sows 15-20oC. Therefor it’s necessary to make a compromise.

The thermo-neutral zone is where piglets don’t use energy to heat up the environment  or are to warm. It has enough energy to find the udder and drink milk and should not use any unnecessary energy.

But as you can see in the graph, sows perform best under lower temperature.

You should therefor strive after having 20-22oC in the farrowing stable. In the covered creep area there should be 32-34oC, so when piglets are not eating they will lay here, instead of next to the sow. Use an laser thermometer when preparing the stable for sows, to make sure that floor and the corner are warm enough.

You should also be aware that some end-walls can be colder than in the middle of the stable. Put therefor the biggest piglets here and the smallest in the middle if possible.

Remember that  this is an indicator. You should of course always look at the pigs behavior!


December 2017