Our recruitment process

Here, you will discover an overview of the recruitment process at Danish Agro Group. The essential steps will be outlined below. Please note that variations in the process can be expected based on the country and job role.


To submit an application for a position at Danish Agro Group, please send your application via our website. You will find a link in the job ad.

During the application process, you are required to attach your CV. Additionally, there is an option to include a cover letter and any other relevant documents.


The screening process

During the initial screening process, we assess your application and CV, examining factors such as your prior work experience, education, achievements, and any other relevant information to gauge your suitability for the specific position.

All applications are treated with the utmost respect and in strict confidence.

If you are not selected for a personal interview, you will receive a notification via the email provided during the application process.


When recruiting for white-collar positions, we typically conduct two interviews, while for blue-collar positions, it is often limited to one interview.

During the initial interview, our goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of you as an individual, your expectations, and your qualifications. You'll receive insights into the job's responsibilities, Danish Agro's work environment, and our culture and values.

Following the assessment of the first round of interviews, the most suitable candidates are invited for a second interview. In the second interview, we delve deeper into your professional and personal qualifications. Prior to this interview, you'll be asked to complete an online personality test, which we will discuss during the interview. The aim is to find the ideal match, and the personality test is one tool among others that helps us achieve this.

During the interviews, our goal is to better understand your qualifications. We will inquire about your previous experiences, motivations, achievements, and expectations for the new role. We value open and honest dialogue, as we strive to find the right match for both the candidate and us.

Throughout the interviews, we also discuss the job description, job opportunities, the team, and the department. This comprehensive discussion allows you to make an informed decision about whether this is a suitable match for you.


As a crucial step in our assessment and selection of the ideal candidate for the position, we frequently seek references from your previous employers. This helps us gain insights into your performance, professional competencies, and personal qualities. Collecting references is typically one of the final stages in the recruitment process, and we undertake this step only with your consent.

Feel free to include recommendations when submitting your application for a position with us. Your proactive inclusion of recommendations is welcomed and appreciated.



Should we choose to extend a job offer to you, the hiring manager will reach out to you directly. Subsequently, we will promptly provide you with an employment contract for your signature.

In the event that you attend a personal interview but are not selected for the position, either the hiring manager or our HR department will get in touch with you directly. If you did not receive an invitation for an interview, you will receive a written rejection email.

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