Effective and natural dry hygiene powder

With the Agrosan® series you ensure effective moisture and bacteria control in animal barns

Productive barns are dry barns
Barn hygiene is a prime concern to minimise the risk of infection and disease on livestock farms. By securing an optimum environment, farmers have the best starting point for managing the performance of their animals through their lifecycle.

A productive barn relies on regular cleaning and disinfection. But, even with the most rigorous sanitising procedures, it can be difficult to keep bacteria levels low. That means potential pathogens can still grow and cause disease. Humidity is the typical problem. Unless a barn is thoroughly dried after each wash, bacteria have the ideal conditions to thrive and grow – raising the infection risk in the barn.

Agrosan® dry hygiene powders are the safe and easy way to effective moisture absorption and bacteria neutralisation – for next-level biosecurity on your farm.


Effective and natural dry hygiene powder for your animals.

Benefits of the products in the Agrosan® series

Highly moisture absorbent
Agrosan® absorbs moisture and neutralises common bacteria, viruses, algae, and fungi that can be found in barns.



Neutralisation of bacteria
Compared to normal drying out Agrosan® neutralises 99% of bacteria, virus, algae and fungi, in-vitro tests from Eurofins Laboratory show.

Safe to handle
Free of phosphate and pH neutral, Agrosan® is safe for
humans and animals and can be used in all barn areas with no risk of corrosion.

Produced in Denmark on a GMP+ certified factory

The Agrosan® series is produced in Denmark on the largest of the premix factories of Vilomix. The factory is GMP+ certified and Agrosan® is hence produced under strict guidelines for traceability and quality that secures that you as a customer can rest assured to receive a uniform product of the finest quality.

Key features of the products in the Agrosan® series

The Agrosan® series of dry hygiene powders is the natural solution to humidity challenges in the barn. Free of phosphate and pH neutral, Agrosan® is safe for humans and animals and can be used in all barn areas with
no risk of corrosion. 

Key features of all the products in the Agrosan®-series:

  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Highly moisture absorbent
  • Phosphate-free and pH neutral
  • Non-corrosive
  • Suitable for blending with normal bedding
  • Recognisable, relaxing odour
  • Does not block slurry channels

Primary application of the Agrosan® series


Agrosan® is ideal for use during piglet weaning or when moving sows to the farrowing pen. The powder is also suitable for the fattening, mating, and gestation units, sick animal pens and in the dispatch/reception sections.


Use Agrosan® to keep udders and hooves dry and minimise the risk of infection. Use in a walk-through tray or with normal bedding two to three times a week.


Infection from the surfaces in poultry houses between flocks is well known. An efficient drying ensures a barrier between the old and the new flock. Agrosan® builds up this barrier with only 100g/m2. Spread before introducing animals after cleaning and disinfection in the service period. In existing bird flocks use with 100g/m2 2-3 times a week.

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The Agrosan® series ensures effective moisture and bacteria regulation in your herd.

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