premixes for a healthier stock and increased productivity in cattle

For all life stages of the cow we offer customised feeding solutions aimed at optimising the goals in your production. Feeding solutions that include both vitamins, minerals and innovative feed additives. 

Our feeding solutions are always accompanied with strong consultancy on animal nutrition. With a clear focus on production results, we offer profound and expert advise on feeding based on both Danish and local norms – and with 40 years of know how on animal nutrition.

Our highly skilled nutritionists develop total feed recipes for your full production and conduct close follow-ups including on-going evaluations of production results and assistance to implement necessary corrective actions. The consultancy is not restricted to feeding strategies but will also include management advice and hygiene recommendations.

Regardless of where the cow is in the life cycle we support the goals you have:

we support results with customers of milk yields of an average of 11,000 litre/cow/year

early lactation

Focus on nutrient support with the most important amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Overcome the load of calving and prepare for next insemination.


Stability and maintenance are key words. Optimal supply of minerals, vitamins and additives contributes to the cow’s best performance. 

late lactation

Balancing the nutrients to the late lactating cow. Using “not more than needed” brings the cow successfully to the dry period.

dry period

Building up nutrients and preparing the cow for calving. The correct supply of vitamins and minerals decreases the risk of diseases around calving.

Optimising cattle feed is for us a dynamic process. To achieve top results and the best feed economy, a close dialogue is all-important.

Jesper Madsen

Product manager, cattle - Vilomix
Jesper Madsen