are mycotoxins a threat for my animals?

Published: 2022-02-21

Many factors are changing in relation to running a farm these days.

Climate change poses a huge threat to agriculture around the world. Rising temperatures, extreme weather and abnormal variations in rainfall are bad news for crops and livestock. Under these conditions, toxigenic fungi have excellent opportunities for growth. Along with them come mycotoxins, which rank among the most dangerous contaminants in animal feed. If left untreated, mycotoxins have serious consequences for reproduction and other aspects of livestock performance.

Many farmers are already acting on the problem by using commercially available mycotoxin binders or deactivators in animal feed. In many ways, these are proving to be an effective strategy for preventing and treating mycotoxicosis.

Analyzes made on crops harvested in Denmark in the 2021-season show that no samples are found without mycotoxin contamination.

The graph below shows the number of different mycotoxins in all commodities. No sample contains less than 3 mycotoxins.

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John Snede
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Source: Biomin

What are the consequences for the animals? 

In many cases it will not cause any problems. On the other hand there is a great risk, that you will present feed with mycotoxins to your animals. When can this be a problem?
  • Low risk does not mean no risk…!
  • Your own stock of grain is used and you need to buy grain from the feed mill or other farmers
  • The long term effect of an even low contamination can give problems for the animals
  • Your breeding animals are meant to provide you with good results for many years – contamination with mycotoxins will be a challenge for the health of the breeding animal
  • Emerging toxins are often found
We don’t know the full effect on the emerging mycotoxins – but they are potentially dangerous.

Low risk does not mean no risk

The optimal strategy to protect your animals is therefore to use a preventive dosage of a toxin binder. 

Vilomix has developed the product serie X-Bond consisting of 3 variants to minimize and prevent the risk of mycotoxins.

X-Bond is a triple-action toxin binder, that not only binds and deactivates naturally occuring mycotoxins. It also supports animal health and performance by delivering a functional nutrient complex.

How will you benefit from an addition of our toxin binder X-Bond?

You will help your animals to achieve a stronger immune system. The X-Bond series can’t eliminate all mycotoxins – but X-Bond will help to reduce the total strain on the immune system.
  • Animals will be stronger in general – especially the breeding animals which will have the prospect of a longer productive life
  • The longer life of your breeding animals – the better economy for you
  • More energy can be used for beneficial performance
  • X-Bond can also be relevant for slaughtering pigs
  • A higher daily gain and an improved feed conversion rate is often seen

How to use the toxin binder X-Bond:

  • X-Bond Premium: 1-3 kg per ton finished feed. Recommended for breeding animals
  • X-Bond Standard: 1-3 kg per ton finished feed. Can be used for piglets and slaughter pigs
  • X-Bond Basic: 1-3 kg per ton finished feed. Can be used for piglets and slaughter pigs

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