Have you adjusted the sow feed for winter?

Published: 2023-12-20

Keeping sows in good shape from one reproductive cycle to the next is the number one priority to ensure consistent litters of healthy, well-developed piglets.

Feeding during gestation should ensure the implantation of the embryos, growth of the embryos, maintenance of the sow, and restoration of condition.

Besides other factors, the stable temperature plays a role in how much feed the sow needs, but the effect is related to the sow's condition and the type of housing. Skinny sows have a less fat layer and a greater need for feed for heat production.

And now when it gets colder outside there must be more focus on body condition assessment and feed curve adjustment in the gestation unit. The skinny sows must not enter into a negative energy balance during the gestation period, as consequently get poorer estrus and fewer live-born pigs.

If there is draft or moisture in the stable, the need for maintenance is significantly greater.


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Table: KG calculated

Source: SEGES Fu

How to maintain

tip-top productivity in gestating sows

Well-managed feeding strategy keeps body condition in balance through every reproductive cycle.

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