Status from Pig Producers Congress 2023
in Denmark

Published: 2023-11-21

Again this year, Vilomix advisers used the days at the Seges Pig Congress to be updated on a wide range of professional topics within pig production.

True to tradition, the Annual Meeting for the Danish Pig Sector was held before the Pig Congress. Not surprisingly, the annual meeting was characterized by the increasing challenges that pig producers face in the form of increasing demands for animal welfare and sustainable production, where the debate around the consumption of meat was debated. Furthermore, the decline in the number of sows and slaughters was noted, and it was emphasized in the latest forecast from Seges that the coming years will continue to put economic pressure on the industry. Not least seen in the light of an announced climate tax, which has not yet found its form.

The Pig Congress's presentation was a good mix of political and professional topics. In fine line with the current topics of the annual meeting, climate measures in the form of practical handling on the farm in daily life were reviewed. An interesting post dealt with the importance of feed composition for the climate footprint of food.

Several submissions were presented about the sow; ways to feed the pregnant sow, feeding when the sow has to take care of many pigs and ways to achieve a robust sow where i.a. the new breeding goal of sow survival was introduced.

Kristina Sørensen
Product Manager, Pigs
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Animal welfare also had a place at this year's Pig Congress, where whole tails, handling of sick pigs and male pig production were introduced.

This year's themes around the survival and longevity of the sow and piglets are also a major focus area in Vilomix's daily work with feed optimization and advice. Work is being done, for example, with vitamin and mineral supply adapted to 2023 efficiency and various additives to support health and well-being.

Pig Producers Congress 2023

Several presentations were also held in English. It is possible to closely study most of this year's presentations on Seges website.

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