Unveiling Cutting-edge and Innovative Perspectives: Vilomix Seminar

Published: 2023-08-24

The summer was not just kicked off with the hot summer days, but also with our annual Vilomix Technical Seminar, where the entire professional staff of Vilomix in Denmark and abroad gathered to be updated on new professional knowledge, knowledge sharing between colleagues and social interaction.

At this year's seminar, we had participants from our newest colleagues in Vilomix Group, namely from Tegasa in Spain and Vitamix in Brazil.

During the two intensive days of the seminar, we learned about everything from market trends, professional news from external partners to an insight into what future customers and digital agriculture might look like. We also got an exciting insight into the two new market areas, Spain and Brazil, which was about what livestock production looks like and how we should work in these markets in the future.

The annual Vilomix Seminar also offered social gatherings, where everything from products to sales strategy and future markets was networked and eagerly discussed between colleagues within and across animal species - pigs, poultry and cattle.

Any questions?

Are you curous about the digital solutions discussed at the seminar? Then contact your Vilomix nutritionist here.


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