Gain the newest knowledge on mycotoxins - and be prepared for the 2021 harvest

join us Tuesday June 22, 2021 1.00-2.00 pm CET

The 2021 harvest is in front of us. What can we expect in relation to mycotoxin levels and how can the newest knowledge on mycotoxins help?

In this webinar we will provide insights on the extent of mycotoxins and the risk of feeding your swine with feed contaminated with mycotoxins.
Our expert nutritionist on mycotoxins John Snede will guide you through the new generation of toxin binders and give you access to using the newest knowledge to help you reduce the potential harmful effects of mycotoxins - all with the aim to prevent and help the animals back on track.

How to prepare for the 2021 harvest?

What are the harmful effects of a mycotoxin contamination?

How does new knowledge on mycotoxins help?

expert speaker: john snede

Animal nutritionist John Snede has been with Vilomix for 15 years and has been strongly involved in the product development of the new generation of toxin binders launched by Vilomix. John has a strong knowledge within both swine and cattle and holds huge practical experience from visiting Danish as well as international farmers for decades. 

John holds a degree in Agricultural Science and has years of farm experience as well.

moderator: kristina sørensen

Kristina Sørensen is product manager for swine at Vilomix. Kristina has a PhD in animal science from 2012 and worked as a PostDoc from 2014-2018 with a focus on nutrient utilization (minerals and N) by balancing nutrient supply and requirement for pigs.

Kristina is overall responsible for the swine segment at Vilomix and is deeply involved in the product development at Vilomix and also engaged in and responsible for research projects on different topics - eg. zinc-free feeding.

wATch out for the recording

The webinar has been held and will soon be available as a recording.