A practical approach to zinc-free feeding - Meet a danish farmer


To counter the problems pig producers will meet in 2022, when zinc oxide can no longer be used against weaning diarrhoea, Vilomix has run a project in cooperation with Danish pig farmers and SEGES, the Danish Pig Research Centre.

The project has focused on practical learnings done on farms - and in Vilomix we are now ready to share some of these learnings at this webinar.

Practical experiences told by a Danish farmer

Meet the Danish farmer Anders Rold at the webinar for a discussion with product manager Kristina Sørensen from Vilomix on his practical experiences with phasing out zinc oxide.

You will get a chance to see the farrowing and weaning units at Anders´ farm for a closer look at what exactly he did to overcome feeding without zinc oxide.

What are the challenges when phasing out zinc oxide?

What changes were made to the feed itself?

How did phasing out zinc oxide impact management and handling of the piglets?

Successful zinc replacement is not just about the feed

High levels of zinc oxide (ZnO) are an effective weapon against the gastrointestinal bacteria that frequently cause diarrhoea in piglets during the weaning transition. From June 2022, however, the EU will enforce a ban on the use of ZnO in weaner diets – a decision that has launched an intensive race to find an alternative solution.

The weaning transition is one of the most challenging periods in a pig’s life, associated with stress, poor growth and diarrhoea. Solutions have typically revolved around optimising the feed, which is why the search for a ZnO alternative initially focused on finding an ingredient that could serve as a 1:1 replacement.

But, as the EU deadline approaches, it is becoming increasingly clear that the solution cannot be found in a feed ingredient alone. Instead, ZnO replacement requires a more complex solution where health status, management and hygiene must be combined with feeding strategies and feed solutions in an overall solution to weaning diarrhoea.

did you miss the webinar?

Don´t despair! Watch the full recording here. In the webinar you will meet the Danish pig farmer Anders Rold in a talk with product manager, PhD, Vilomix Kristina Sørensen on the practical experiences Anders has drawn from phasing out zinc in his piglet feed.

You also get a chance to visit both the farrowing and the weaning unit at Anders´ farm to see the practical tools he implemented to succeed in phasing out zinc oxide.