Lysimeth ensures high performance with low crude protein supply

LysiMeth - the ideal solution to balancing the feed ration and to improve perfomance of the dairy cow in the early lactation.

LysiMeth is an easy and effective way to add rumen-protected amino acids with an optimal ratio of lysine and methionine in the total mixed ration for your dairy cows. LysiMeth is paticularly effective for dairy cows that's fed with low or no soyabean meal content, supplemented with canola products or other protein sources.

Common feed ingredients such as Corn Gluten Meal 60 have less lysine than soyabean meal, which can make it difficult to achieve an optimal supply. With LysiMeth, you can add 50-150 g/cow/day in the total mixed ration to achieve the desired level of amino acids.

Invest in LysiMeth to achieve a more efficient and sustainable milk production. LysiMeth is available in 25 kg bags and can be added to your mineral feed.

To increase milk production, it can be a good idea to...

Ensure a proper supply of amino acids

Implement group feeding, which can ensure optimal amino acid supply from LysiMeth in early lactation

Which can lead to...

Higher milk yield in early lactation and a more constant, high milk production throughout the lactation period

The dairy cattle's needs and supply

The content of amino acids in the feed ration depends on the crude protein level and the protein feed ingredients used. With a strong reduction in the consumption of soyabean meal in Danish feed rations, a shift to canola and other protein sources, as well as a reduction in crude protein content, the supply of lysine and methionine becomes less.

The first two limiting amino acids for yield are lysine and methionine, but by adding LysiMeth, the supply is ensured.

The requirements in NorFor are significantly lower than the international recommendations, and with the use of LysiMeth, the dairy cows can be supplied at an optimal level.


LysiMeth is administered at 50-150 g/cow/day, depending on the composition of the ration.
LysiMeth is available in 25 kg bags and can be added to your mineral feed.

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