Why use milk replacers?

Once piglets have received colostrum and are well into the habit of suckling, there are many benefits to be gained from supplementing the sow’s milk with a tasty milk replacer in the farrowing unit.

The sow’s milk is essential for healthy pigs, but the use of high quality milk and sound management make it possible to reduce the number of nursing sows and boost the weaning process per sow.

There are several other benefits from a sow caring for its own piglets:

  • Less stress for the piglets and sows
  • Less spreading of bacteria and viruses
  • Better welfare in the farrowing unit
  • Higher number of weaned per litter
  • Higher intake of dry feed by piglets in the farrowing unit

Supplementary milk in the farrowing unit is an excellent means of ensuring that all piglets reach their potential milk intake during the suckling period.

Choose the right milk 
Regardless of whether manually distributing milk or using a cup system, the milk used must suit the age and requirements of the piglets.

Substitutes for the sow’s own fat- and protein-rich milk have to be composed of ingredients that supplement the sow’s milk and ensure well-being and growth for the piglets.

The milk intake potential of the piglet is greater than the sow’s production

Get to know all on the milk replacers from Vilomix  

At Vilomix we supply milk replacers for manual mixing as well as milk cup systems. For each application we supply a range of products for milk provision. Common for all of them is that they cover you when you want to exploit the milk intake potential of the piglet.

For all milk replacers in the Vilomix program the focus is on the best high-quality components.

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