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Feed is by far the biggest expense for a livestock farmer. So it makes sense to choose feed components that give the best value for money by maximising animal health and performance. Especially the smallest nutrients – the vitamins and minerals – are likely to have a major impact on farm productivity and profits.

From our agricultural base in Denmark, we develop customised premixes and concentrates that make a real difference. Combined with our innovative feed additives, they overcome the daily challenges of farmers all over the world.

Our premixes make up just a small part of the feed and yet…
They contain many of the essential nutrients that pigs in all life stages need to thrive, grow and perform. The rest is up to the bulk of the feed formulation. Our specialised animal nutritionists advise on that too. 

What is a premix?
A premix is a complex mix of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutritional additives that is incorporated in feed.

Premixes make up a small percentage of the formulation but have the potential to make a big difference in the efficacy of a feed - one might say that a great impact comes in a small dose with the premix.

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Premixes are a vital part of the core product we supply. It makes up only a small part of the feed - but has the potential to make a huge difference in the efficiency of the feed. 

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Our technical and nutritional advisory service is a core element in our business philosophy – available to you as our customer.

We see optimisation of feed as a dynamic process and to achieve top results and the best feed economy, a close dialogue is all-important.

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