Vilosoy - Soy protein concentrate for piglets with high digestibility

Soybean meal is a good source of protein for piglets, but it contains anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) that can be harmful to their nutrition. This means that piglets cannot tolerate large amounts of soybean meal.

In collaboration with Hamlet Protein, Vilomix has developed a special processed soy protein product with low levels of ANFs, which ensures gentle feeding.

Vilosoy has a high protein digestibility that provides essential amino acids, which are the key to high growth and low feed consumption.

Vilosoy is also a competitive product compared to, for example, fish meal and potato protein.

High protein digestibility

Low content of anti-nutritional factors (ANF)

(N*6.25): 52%

Economic advantage
An economically advantageous alternative to other protein concentrates


Easy handling
Non-hygroscopic and free-flowing

Combines well with fish meal and potato protein concentrate.


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