The best feed recipe for every life stage

Dynamic feed recommendations are all part of our complementary service

Nutritional needs change at each stage of an animal’s lifecycle, and that makes feed optimisation a dynamic process. With the professional advice of our animal nutritionists, you can be sure to give livestock a well-composed feed that meets your requirements for performance and efficiency.

All our complementary recommendations start with a 360°C analysis of the parameters that influence production, including farm size and feeding norms, access to feed crops and local climate. Based on that, we develop a customised feed recipe for your farm, drawing on our international experience and the latest knowhow in the process.

Regular follow-up consultations ensure the feed is reviewed and adjusted in good time – also with a view to price fluctuations on the commodity market. Close dialogue is always a priority. That’s why so many of our customers have worked with us for years.

Optimising poultry feed is for us a dynamic process. To achieve top results and the best feed economy, a close dialogue is all-important.

Adriaan Smulders

Poultry director - Vilomix
Adriaan Smulders


Our technical and nutritional advisory service is a core element in our business philosophy – available to you as our customer.

We see optimisation of feed as a dynamic process and to achieve top results and the best feed economy, a close dialogue is all-important.

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