Solvita TMR Cool: Keeping the total mixed ration fresh and cool

Struggling with heat in your total mixed ration feed?

The high humidity and temperatures of the summer stimulate the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould naturally found in feed. Fibre, carbohydrate and protein are all broken down, energy lost and the feed heats up. The feed ration quality deteriorates and becomes unappetising, reducing the cow’s energy uptake.

The solution is a combination of calcium propionate and calcium/sodium formates, which inhibits the growth of bacteria, yeast and mould in feed, preventing deterioration. These features are found in the dry acid product Solvita TMR Cool from Vilomix.

Keep a good silage quality
Focus on a high feed hygiene
Keep a good feed management
Use a broad dry acid mix

Facts about Solvita TMR Cool

Solvita TMR Cool is easy and safe to dose, supplied in 25 kg sacks and mixed with 1-5 kg per tonne complete total mixed ration (TMR). Alternatively, Solvita TMR Cool can be added to your mineral feeds. 

The product can be used without HACCP - but not for organic herds.

avoid heat in the tmr

Heat in feed is a common problem in the summer. It’s caused by rapid growth of microorganisms, bacteria, mould and yeast found naturally in silage.


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