X-Bond®: The effective triple-action product for harmful mycotoxin levels

Pigs depend on their feed to keep them healthy and productive. So, when natural mycotoxins contaminate feed crops, the impact on pig growth and development can be dramatic – with lost earnings for farmers as a result.

Vilomix has developed X-Bond® to minimize and prevent this risk. A triple-action product, X-Bond® not only binds and deactivates naturally occurring mycotoxins. It supports animal performance by delivering a functional nutrient complex.

X-Bond® is a combination of clay minerals, hydrolysed yeast cells and functional additives, including enzymes, vitamins and minerals. 

X-Bond® is available in three variants, each with a one-year shelf life.

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Clay minerals adsorb mycotoxins so they cannot enter the blood stream


Enzymes transform mycotoxins into
non-toxic metabolites


A tailored nutrient complex boosts gut,
liver and immune function

Do your crops/feed contain high or low levels of mycotoxins?

Mycotoxins are often hard to detect because they don't always affect the taste, smell, or appearance of the feed. Traditional tests can be challenging as mycotoxins bind to other molecules.

Another challenge in finding mycotoxins is that they're typically unevenly distributed in stored crops. Negative test results from a silage pile or grain silo can create a false sense of security but don't guarantee that the crops are free from mycotoxins.



The bentonite used in the X-Bond® series has been tested in an in vitro trial to determine the adsorption of Aflatoxin B1 according to the EURL method. The binding rate was found to be 91.16% no matter the pH level - and is hence well above the EU requirements of 90%.

Source: Vilomix/Ghent University 

the binding rate of x-bond® is 91.16% and is hence well above the EU requirement


The deactivation powers of X-Bond® Premium towards the mycotoxins DON, FUM and ZEN have been tested in vitro. DON, FUM and ZEN can be particularly severe for sows at high levels. DON is also the most common mycotoxin found in feed analyzes.

Even after a few hours DON and ZEN are deactivated and transformed 1:1 into a non-toxic metabolite. The process is irreversible. FUM is deactivated even faster - and again the process is irreversible.

Source: Vilomix/Romer Labs.



One of the ingredients included in X-Bond® is Progut® - a dual function product from Hankkija that smooths the functioning of the gut.

Trials show that the level of immune cells is higher and that the concentrations of immunoglobulins (IgA) in the gut is higher, when Progut® is part of the feed.

Source: Hankkija

Learn more about how X-Bond® works!

Vilomix has developed X-Bond®  to minimize and prevent the risk involved in having mycotoxin contaminated feed.

With a combination of clay minerals, hydrolysed yeast cells and functional additives, including enzymes, vitamins and minerals - the product supports the animal when toxins are influencing the performance.

Download all on the product X-Bond® from Vilomix  

In this brochure you will find all on how X-Bond® works and documentation on this. You can also read more about experiences from farmers on the product.

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