Organic acids are well known for their antimicrobial properties. In pigs, each one has a specific effect. By adding the right combination, it’s possible to suppress a wide variety of harmful bacteria, moulds and yeasts and keep the gastrointestinal tract in balance. 

Organic acids hinder the growth of harmful microorganisms by reducing the pH in the digestive tract. A lower pH also stimulates enzyme activity in the stomach and small intestine, improving nutrient digestion. 

Individual organic acids have different effects on harmful microorganisms and gastrointestinal balance. Combining organic acids is therefore beneficial when wanting to prevent different microorganisms. 

Individual organic acids peak at different ph levels.
A blend of organic acids provides benefits
throughout the digestive tract.

At Vilomix, we have developed the BioPro® Series to make organic acid addition easy for both sows, piglets and finishers. Combining organic acids in the right mix for the different life stages of the pig secures optimal growth and production economy.

Offering organic acids in five combinations for sows, piglets, growers and finishers, the BioPro series is the effective way to achieve these benefits:



  • Improve the gastrointestinal balance
  • Support the growth of beneficial microflora 
  • Create unfavorable conditions for Salmonella and other harmful microorganisms


  • Improve daily gain and feed conversion
  • Reduce medicine use
  • Support phasing out AGPs and zinc oxide
  • Make pig production more climate friendly by a better nutrient utilisation and hence reduced emissions


Designed for newly weaned piglets with focus on energy uptake and functionality of the gastrointestinal tract


Composed for use through the entire growth period. Benzoic acid has a wide antimicrobial effect


Designed for growers and finishers to avoid growth of Salmonella


Unique synergistic combination of medium chain fatty acids to avoid growth of e.g. E. Coli, Clostridium and Salmonella


Specially developed for wet feed to avoid growth of unwanted microorganisms, including yeast

Trials show that organic acids increase daily weight gain and improve feed conversion and the health of pigs

(Danish Pig Research Centre, report no.396). 

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The unique combination of organic acids is the trademark of the entire BioPro® series from Vilomix and make all the 5 different products beneficial when wanting to avoid growth of different microorganisms. 

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