Mycotoxins in the old grain

Published: 2022-07-05

Many farmers who are feeding own grains are getting close to the bottom of the silos and soon the new grain will be harvested and stored in the silos.

Although 90-95% of problems with toxins are related to mycotoxins from the field, the contamination can be increased when you reach the bottom of the silos. Through the season more mycotoxins can build up and will be concentrated in the remaining grains.
We recommend the following:
  • Add extra toxin binder in the period until the new harvest is stable.
  • Make a thorough cleaning of the silos before new grain is stored
  • Continue with a smaller amount of toxin binder through all the next season.
We recommend to use a product from our X-Bond range:
  • X-Bond Premium is recommended for breeding animals (sows, boars and gilts)
  • X-Bond Standard is recommended for piglets and finishers.
  • X-Bond Premium is recommended for all egg laying birds including pullets
  • X-Bond Standard is recommended for growing birds (broilers, turkeys, ducks).

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